Children’s Portrait Sessions at BW Portrait Art

Your story, your relationships, your memories, your love… a work of art.

Every child’s story is unique and filled with moments and memories that will pass quickly.  Without documenting and preserving these moments, the memories can fade and be lost.  Your child’s portraits are not only important for preserving the memories of their lives, but by displaying your child’s portrait in your home, you are building their self esteem and confidence by showing that they are truly important in the world in which they live.

A truly professional photographer and artist, Brady Whitcomb, has the experience, education, and creative insight to create a portrait that expresses your family and its beauty in a way that will become a timeless cherished heirloom.

BW Portrait Art preserves the memories of all the key moments in your child’s story.

  • Maternity: Begin documenting your child’s story from the beginning.  Capture that special bond between mother and child that begins at this stage, as well as the radiant beauty of an expectant mother.
  • Newborn Portraits: Your child will grow and change quickly in the first month of his or her life.  Newborn portraits are best created within the first 2 weeks of your child’s life, to capture their newness.  This is a perfect time to pay attention to details, such as hands, feet, and faces, and to embrace the peaceful sleep of a newborn.
  • The First Year: Filled with expressions of delight, quizzical looks, and happy laughs, the first year of your child’s life is filled with key moments of their growth.  When a 3 month old begins pushing up, sitting on their own at 6 months, or standing while holding a chair at 9 months, all these milestones pass quickly.  Our “A New Life” program allows you the freedom to have a session for all these moments and preserve them in an album of their first year of life.
  • Preschooler / Toddler: Celebrate their independence and individuality!  This is a perfect time for location and outdoor sessions, showing these unique individuals learning and interacting with their world.
  • School Age:  These unique images go beyond school pictures and will capture YOUR child!  Rather than settling for the school picture with awkward smiles and no personality, create a timeless portrait, unique to your child’s individuality.  It will be passed on generation after generation and will help tell the story of your child.

These sessions can be in our studio, outdoors in our portrait gardens, or on-location anywhere that best expresses your child.

Looking for something more than a photographic portrait of your child?  Our Original Portrait Artwork can be created from any moment in your child’s life, preserving your memories and your child’s uniqueness in a timeless work of art that will be cherished by your family for generations.

Visit our Children’s Portrait Gallery for samples of these different styles and key moments in their lives. The BW Portrait Art children’s portrait session process and investment information is on our Planning Your Child’s Session page.