Portrait Artwork Sessions

BW Portrait Art – Original Mixed Media Portrait Artwork
Your story, your relationships, your memories, your love… forever as a work of art.
An original work of art is the ultimate in custom portraiture, creating an heirloom that you and your family will display for generations.

The Portrait Art Experience  

The experience will begin with a consultation session to plan the style, setting, and concept for your portrait art piece.  We will also explore the size and placement options available in your house to ensure the artwork will complement your home.

Next, you will have an artistic portrait photography session, in our studio or on-location, to capture the perfect base image for your original artwork.  This session includes multiple poses and clothing choices to capture the image that best represents you and your family.

From this session, artist and photographer Brady Whitcomb, will create a unique portrait artwork using traditional artist mediums, such as acrylics, charcoal, and pastels.  The depth and texture created through this technique enhance the emotional and visual spirit of this timeless work of art.

A typical portrait artwork is an investment of $900 to 2000, depending on its size and complexity.

If your piece is framed from one of BW Portrait Art’s many custom framing options, Brady will personally deliver and install your artwork in your home.  Personalized artist-developed frames are also available.