Family Portrait Photography Sessions at BW Portrait Art

Your story, your relationships, your memories, your love… a work of art.

It is amazing how fast a family can change and grow. That is why it is so important to document and  preserve your family’s love, memories, and stories. As time passes and changes happen in families, one of the most prized possessions any family has are the timeless portraits of their loved ones. Professional family portraits from BW Portrait Art capture the relationships, love, and memories of your family at a moment in time, preserving them  for generations.  These beautiful images will help tell the story of YOUR life.

A truly professional photographer and artist, Brady Whitcomb, has the experience, education, and creative insight to create a portrait that expresses your family and its beauty in a way that will become a timeless cherished heirloom.

There are four main styles of family portraits that are created at BW Portrait Art.
  • Original Portrait Artwork sessions create the ultimate in portrait wall art. Brady will create an original portrait artwork with artist mediums, such as charcoal, pastels, and paints, from your portrait photography session (in the studio or on-location).
  • Relationship Black and White Portraits have a classic and emotional quality that can not be expressed in any other form. With the absence of color, the raw emotion and love can be expressed by the portrait image. These sessions are photographed in studio with dark clothing to focus the attention on the faces, expressions, and interactions of your family members. These images document the love in the relationships between everyone in your family.
  • With an Environmental Portrait, the world in which you live, and your relationship to that world, are expressed. By moving back and including your surroundings, not only will your family’s love and connections be preserved, but also your place in the world around you. These sessions are best created outdoors or at your home, in a place that means something to your family.
  • Traditional Portrait sessions capture the individuality and beauty of your family and its members, in images your family will cherish. These sessions can be in our studio, outdoors in our portrait gardens, or on-location anywhere that best expresses your family.

Visit our Family Portrait Gallery for samples of these different styles. The BW Portrait Art family portrait session process and investment information is on our Planning Your Family’s Session page.